Universities and research institutes

Advising universities and research institutions on technology transfer is characterised by the high complexity of the legal framework. In addition to the “classical” civil law challenges of R&D and exploitation contracts, public law regulations must be observed, such as local policies and the statute law of the respective institution, public state law, for example in the form of budget law, state aid law, cartel law, export control law, employee invention law, etc.

The interests of the parties involved are complex and not always aligned. The complexity of the content of research projects or the resulting IP is often enormous, let alone the administrative and purely logistical effort involved in negotiating an EU cooperation programme or a clinical trial.

Our network partners combine many years of experience in technology transfer, which they are acquainted with in all its facets. As a rule, we work together with the legal departments responsible for technology transfer in order to support them in terms of content and thus help to absorb peak loads in a very flexible way.

Our aim is to support your activities as an “external extension of the legal department”. We want to be close to your business and try to support you. This includes good accessibility of our network partners for “short queries” as well as transparent cost management.

Our consulting services are generally charged on a time basis of every 6 minutes. Time intervals that are not fully met are rounded off by us. You will receive a detailed timesheet monthly or after the end of a quarter. We generally estimate the effort required in advance and will contact you immediately if it turns out that the effort will be greater than planned, i.e. before the effort has incurred.

For universities and research institutions, we also offer standardised, contract-related flatrates or fixed monthly hourly quotas at reduced rates, so that we can also help out as a substitute for illness or pregnancy, thus offering our clients the greatest possible flexibility. Talk to us!