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Tax & Legal DIGITAL is an association of experts, who have been working in the field of technology transfer for years. Located at our offices in Saarbrücken and St. Ingbert, our lawyers, patent attorneys and tax advisors will advise you in the areas of R&D cooperation, registration of property rights, exploitation of technology, company start-ups and spin-offs as well as investments in IT- or technology-oriented start-ups and SMEs. We also provide support in corporate law in the establishment of companies, in commercial law in the drafting of customer contracts, general terms and conditions and in the introduction of brands, such as the contractual design of a distribution system or the establishment of an online store. We also advise on data protection and employment law as important partial aspects.

Our consulting principles:

  • High level of professional expertise, which always includes strategic considerations.
  • Understanding our clients’ interests.
  • Fair and transparent fee structure with customized offers for special consulting situations (e.g. universities and start-ups).

Knowledge and technology transfer:

We offer legal advice in and design the transfer of knowledge and technology from universities and research institutions to companies as well as ultimately through product-related implementation and distribution to the end customer.

Knowledge and technology are created at universities, in research institutions, in the work of scientists and students and in research cooperations. It is then recorded, managed and passed on to third parties, whether through publications, the transfer or licensing of intellectual property rights or the (spin-off) establishment of companies.

This process does not take place in a legal vacuum; on the contrary, it is very much regulated by law:

  • Labor and employee invention law with its special features for university inventors.
  • State aid, competition and public procurement law, which must be observed in state action, i.e. also for contracts of universities and state research institutions.
  • Contracts for the exchange of knowledge and biological material, i.e. confidentiality agreements and material transfer agreements.
  • Research and development cooperations, contracts for contract research and inter-institutional agreements.
  • Transfer and license agreements on industrial property rights, copyrights or know-how.
  • Partnership agreements for spin-offs and start-ups, managing director agreements, shareholder agreements, rules of procedure.
  • Cooperation agreements with partners, freelancer agreements, contracts with manufacturers.
  • Distribution documents, general terms and conditions, agreements with distribution partners.
  • Regulatory and legal requirements for product manufacturing, product distribution and/or technology transfer.

In these fields we advise you competently, reliably and above all with pleasure.

Our target groups:

Universities and research institutions

Our consultants come from the technology transfer sector. We understand the special interests of universities and research institutions, which are clearly different from those of industrial partners.

We advise on national and European research and development contracts as well as contract research agreements with industrial partners, taking into account state aid and antitrust restrictions, based on the respective IP policy, internal regulations as well as public university and budget law. We provide support in the development and implementation of an IP strategy, the systematic expansion of technology transfer and the filing of intellectual property rights. We manage the proper handling of employee inventors and assist in the exploitation of resulting IP, in particular out-licensing of patent applications / patents, copyright protected software or know-how.

We offer our services on an hourly basis, but we also offer universities and research institutions flatrates per contract type or fixed monthly hourly quotas at preferential conditions, so that we are also able to help out at peak business times, as a substitute for illness or pregnancy, thus offering our clients the greatest possible flexibility.

IT- and technology-oriented start-ups and SMEs

We provide support in the establishment of companies, the choice of the right legal form and the drafting of articles of association. We help you to lay the right legal foundation for your company and support you in finding your corporate strategy, especially in planning growth strategies and the corresponding financing in different rounds (Seed, Series A, Series B). We assist in establishing the corporate structure, in particular we support you in concluding contracts with freelancers and employees and in negotiating cooperation agreements with third parties. Finally, we also support the necessary market entry, help to draw up customer contracts including general terms and conditions, check your website and online store for you to avoid warning notices against unfair competition and help to secure your values through trademark applications. Finally, we assist you in negotiating financing rounds with investors and provide legal advice on the implementation of corporate structures up to the IPO (initial public offering).

For start-ups that do not yet have the necessary liquidity, we offer discounted hourly rates, consulting packages and free workshops and seminars to teach the legal and tax basics of a foundation.

IT- and technology-enthusiastic investors

We support investors in the acquisition of investments from startups and SMEs. Furthermore we gladly advise you from the development of the investment strategy up to term sheet negotiations, the execution of a due diligence (also Red Flag Due Diligence) and the negotiation of the actual investment agreements (Subscription Agreement and Shareholder Agreement).

We support you in corporate transactions as well as in M&A processes.